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Our Story

This website is part of a larger network of websites created by the New Jersey based Website Company DotCom Global Media.

We have been blessed over the years to serve some amazing clients across many different industries. Unfortunately, many of these clients have been so busy focussing on their impact in the world and on their clients, that they have done a very poor job at self-promtion.

It became clear to us that we needed a way to supercharge the growth of these amazing clients. One of the best ways to do that is to get our clients to rank at the top of Google for the keywords that are relevant to their business or their industry. One of the key components to making that happen is by building high-quality backlinks from a series of high authority websites.

Our Partner Network Is Born

Initially, we used a few "extra" domain names that we had sitting around to help build some backlinks. From there we started writing blog articles and social posts. Eventually, we created a few dedicated websites specifically for the purpose of creating high-quality backlinks. Some of these first websites include: The LBI New Jersey Tourist Blog The Fence Company Directory and The Ocean City New Jersey Vacationers Blog.

Over time, we added hundreds of other websites and several other major directory-style websites including The DotCom Backlinks Network and The US Business Directory.

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Outstanding Results

We have helped several dozen websites achieve domain authorities over 50 and hundreds over 40. We then, in turn, can use their authority to help pull up other clients. It's a powerful tool that we can deploy for all of our awesome clients!

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We use the DotCom Backlink Network to improve our Google rankings.

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